Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is a complete and utter work of fiction, if there are any links between this and actual history it is a coincidence... or I did it on purpose.
It was Arayku's watch on the west beaches of Klyn Shaern, he was watching for raiders from a country called Amon who had been working there way up the coast destroying every Christian town and settlement from they're northern borders to the eastern coast of  Glenshire.  His Father(Daniay McDougal the ruler of Klyn Shaern) and older brother had left a month ago for Ivrian, a country that stood in between the island of Klyn Shaern and Glenshire, to meet up with the united Christian forces to try and stop the pagan corsairs before they put to sword every Christian nation in Avalon.*
 Arayku was a tall, well built character, his eyes amber-brown portrayed a look of confidence and ferocity, and his hair was brown with a few scant streaks of red.
  Arayku was fingering a Medallion shaped like a star, he found a when he was a little boy on the very beaches he was walking on, when he had brought it home and shown his father he said that it was Ivrian metal the strongest metal in Avalon and very rare only rich men and woman could afford such substances.  Ever since he had wondered whose it had once been, who had made it, why it had washed up on humble little Klyn Shearn's shore, or even how long it had been there.  When he was little he liked to think that it was the High King of Ivrian's and that some day who would travel over the small expanse of watter between them, present it to the king and maybe the king would reward him with a chest of gold, or an estate in Ivrian, or the hand the hand of his daughter, but he had now long since put away such fantasies and now wore it about his neck.
  The beach that warm April morning was like a jewel among common rocks, the sun had just risen and was behind a few small purple clouds but still making the morning bright, the gulls screeching was more soothing than usual, the sea's endless song upon the was enchanting and calm, and altogether the whole world about Arayku seemed so perfect and soothing as if asking him to lie down and bask in its glory, or go to sleep, but his mind was somewhere else were far away


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